On the year and a half anniversary of First Fridays Potosi, we would like to introduce a First Friday Family! Meet Sam, Tiffany and Hunter Gallaher.

Right after our FIRST First Friday, we called upon a friend and videographer Chris Greenwood to put together a First Friday video to share. One of the shoppers we interviewed was Tiffany Gallaher, sporting a cute little baby bump. Tiffany frequently comes out with family and friends to enjoy the fun that is First Friday. Whenever the video is shared, it’s her face you see on the graphic.

For most of our FF events, you can find live music from a variety of entertainers performing at participating retailers and restaurants like Hub’s Pub and Grill, Reed’s Relics, Flavour Gypsies and sometimes at Austin Heritage Hall. More than a few of these times we’ve had the pleasure of listening to Sam and his guitar belting out favorites from a variety of genres.

Fast forward to First Friday June 2020. It was a beautiful warm night on the patio of Austin Heritage Hall. The crowd was sipping wine from Edg-Clif Winery, enjoying treats from Forshanana Bakes and listening to Sam singing and playing his guitar. In the crowd, Tiffany sits playing with a baby boy on her lap. .And for the first time, this First Friday regular realized the two Gallahers were related. Married, in fact. And Tiffany’s baby bump was now 8 month old Hunter.

Both Sam and Tiffany are talented singers and we’ve heard a rumor they have a few duets in their back pocket. We wouldn’t mind if they ever wanted to share the stage on a First Friday in Potosi (hint hint).
This lovely family resides in Washington County and if you’d like to meet them, Sam will be playing again on First Friday September on the patio at Austin Heritage Hall.